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Does Customer Service Still Exist?

What's considered Customer Service these days?

Every time I pick up the phone to call any business, it seems like.. ... no, it doesn't seem, but it's a fact that I end up spending a good 3 to 4 minutes going through an automated service that supposedly can answer my questions for me. By the time I actually get to speak to a "real" human, I've forgotten what it was I was calling for.

Then there's the customer service representatives that answer your questions with the standard , pre-rehearsed comments that they have spent weeks trained on. When you ask them to put you through to a Supervisor, they again try to take up more of your time asking you to relay your concerns to them.

I don't know about you; and maybe it's my age. (Now I'm thinking I must be getting old). but, I do remember a time when we actually heard a human voice on the other end of the phone. We have come a long way have'nt we? Whether it's right or wrong remains to be seen. What am I saying? It's not a matter of whether it's right or wrong. IT IS WRONG!!!

How we go about changing it is what we SHOULD be looking at. Standing up and being heard. Actually doing something about it, instead of always complaining about it!

The majority of us have convinced ourselves to believe that one person does not have the power to change , or persaude thousands. I believe we are wrong when we limit ourselves to this thought.

We do have the power! We just need to believe in ourselves.

Source: www.articledashboard.com