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Did Your Customer Come For The Customer Service?

As a consumer we often shop at our favorite stores and go to our favorite restaurants. Many times we make a choice solely based on the customer service we get and other times it is a combination of customer service and product. Nevertheless, the customer service aspect of it all is paramount and what keeps us coming back.

As business owners we must remember these things and why customers come to our establishments or hire out our services. Ask yourself when looking at a customer; Did your customer come for the customer service? Are they here right now because they wanted to do business with you because you treat them right?

If your answer is yes that is good, but your job is not done, perhaps you should ask them privately why they like the service and if there is anything you could do better. This will reaffirm their commitment to you as a customer and give you super valuable insight. Of course if you fail to ask them then it is all a guessing game and you will never know.

Not all customers have the same preferences and many customers use your service or buy your products for different reasons. You need to know what all these reasons are and concentrate on making them so, this way you can enjoy happy customers who are pleasurable to work with and enjoy the referrals they bring you as well. Consider all this in 2006.

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