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Customer Service Pretenders

Have you ever went to a place to shop only to find the people there are wearing Customer Service Name Tags, but they may as well be wearing someone else’s name upside down, because they are about as far from customer service representatives as the man on the moon. Did you know this is a big complaint of consumers these days? One of the biggest irritations is the customers do not feel they get good customer service.

All these frustrated customers can be your businesses worst nightmare if you fail to fix this problem. They end up negative word of mouth advertising for your company and will prevent others from shopping with you. This completely counteracts your positive marketing efforts to get people into the store. There is nothing worse than a customer scorned by a Customer Service Pretender.

What is a customer service pretender? Well it is very simple; it is someone who has the title, but either no authority, no brains or simply could care less about anything except getting off work and getting out of there. Do you have customer pretenders in your business? Do you have pretenders who wish all the customers would just go away and stop complaining? If so maybe that is why you are only at half throttle compared to your sales goals this quarter. Consider this in 2006.

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