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Customer Service Is A Key Element In Any Business Phone System Choice

Having plenty of features available when deciding which business phone service, or virtual PBX plan, to go with is great and can be a defining element in deciding which plan to go with. However, there is one other very key element to consider when choosing any plan, or which phone service provider to go with. That key element is customer service. A lot of companies can have the best features, but their success is made or broken on their ability to talk to and help the customer.

No system is infallible. While computers and phone systems are extremely reliable these days, with backup systems, redundancy, etc, that doesn't mean something can't go wrong. Sometime it may not even be a hardware issue, but more of a mistake in information or setup.

A mistake can cost a small business, or any business, if left unnoticed and uncorrected. With a business phone system, it can mean lost calls, or rerouted calls to the wrong place. If an important client cannot get through to you in a timely manner, or at all, what will they think? It might just happen that the client will go somewhere else. Maybe a customer needs to get ahold of someone to help with a critical issue, but they sit on hold for a long time even when someone is available to talk to them. Now, these are just examples, but as you can see, all these scenarios can have bad consequences for a business.

What should you look for in customer service then for a business phone or virtual BPX system? People, when there is a problem, like having the reliability of knowing there is a physical person they can call and talk to. If a phone service provider has live tech support where you can talk to a live person, it is a big plus. It is especially telling if the phone service company has their contact information very visibly placed for easy access. It means they are not afraid of your calls and are eager and willing to help.

Not all live operators are superbly qualified however. Sometimes companies will outsource their customer service department to other countries. While this isn't always bad, it can often lead to confusion due to the customer service representative maybe not being knowledgeable, or not speaking English. So a local call center plus having knowledgeable staff is a key element in phone tech support.

The convenience of email is helpful. Non-critical issues can often be resolved with just a simple email.

How fast does it take for the company to resolve issues? This is had to know before signing up for a business phone service, so how can a person find out? The best way is to simply look for opinions from reviews or other customers. If they respond in a timely manner, and go as far as to keep you updated on progress, that is a good company.

Customer service is a major asset to have around in case something goes wrong, but the people on the other end are not all knowing god creatures who can discern your problem for you. The customer plays a crucial role here as well. When a problem arises take notes as to what it is, and how you managed to get it to occur. Any information that can be provided to the customer service reps will help get them going in the right direction and will probably get the issue fixed faster.

So, in the end, a phone system service company can have the greatest features in the world, but its only second to how their customer service performs. If it comes down to it, it may just be better to go with a company that has less features but great customer service because that means your phones system will be running for a long time.

Joseph Cobb


Source: www.articlealley.com