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Customer Service for Customer Service Consultants

Many customer service consultants do not give good customer service themselves to the corporations who hire them for advice and training. This is rather interesting, as it shows a total disregard for the customer, while purporting to be an expert on customer service.

Too many people who are semi retired will go into the customer service consulting industry and set up a web site and pretend to be someone of extreme importance and knowledge in the field. They will write articles in trade journals and over-embellish their résumés on their web sites.

The fact is that there are hundreds and hundreds of pretenders out there; who would have you believe they are customer service specialist. Yet, even when you try to contact them by e-mail they will not e-mail you back; instead they want you to buy something on their web site.

Many times there is no place on their web site to send them an e-mail and no contact information at all. What they really want is for you to buy something online. Unfortunately this completely shows us they have no customer service capabilities at all and they're just trying to sell us more junk.

If you want someone who is really good at customer service then perhaps you should make sure that they have easy contact information on their web site and plenty of references of top-notch companies that they have done business with. Please consider all this in 2006.

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Source: www.isnare.com