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Customer Service Excellence Tips - Keeping Your Customers Happy

Any business, online or storefront, must operate on the basis that customer service is the most critical aspect in business success. Businesses can benefit from using customer service excellence tips which may mean the difference between success and failure. Every small business owner must take the necessary steps to make customer service happen.

A business marketing plan had better take into account that customers are the most important factor - both the acquisition of new customers as well as the retention of existing customers. A successful business marketing strategy puts customer needs and customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Word of mouth is very important, it may not make a business succeed, but a bad reputation can kill one. Remember this as an important service excellence tip, happy customers tell only two or three people about their experience, however unhappy customers will tell an average of ten others! So while it may take a while for your business to grow but it can die very easily.

Happy customers are those who find that all that they needed was provided, and who felt as though they were important to you. The more you personalize the service you give to your customers, the more likely they are to feel as though they have been treated well. One of the tips among customer service excellence tips is avoiding generic responses when confronted with questions and concerns from customers.

Good customer service means being able to talk to a human, whether on the phone or over the Internet. An already frustrated customer has little patience for sieving through endless web page FAQs. There is even less tolerance of dealing with a lengthy automated telephone "help" line. You've had this experience; you know how easy it is to turn an angry customer into an ex-customer. Check out your own help line; see if an average customer can navigate your web page FAQs quickly and effectively.

Any comprehensive list of customer service excellence tips must include something about customer complaint resolution. Though there may be several things which are out your hands, such as back orders at your supplier, or post office error, your customers are not interested in excuses. Though they may be willing to accept apologies explaining the situation, they really want to have the situation fixed as quickly as possible.

Here are some customer service tips, with excellence of service in mind. First, listen more than you talk. Second, explain specifically to the customer what you will do to correct their service problem. Offer a discount or other consideration for their perceived lack of customer service, a refund if necessary. Always make a statement to the customer concerning what actions your company is taking to prevent a recurrence of the event.

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