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Customer Service and Creative Conversations

Small business people rely on customer feedback to gage their customer service and they figure out what works and does not work as they help these customers. Sometimes customers will be upset and not say anything and perhaps you do not know why. You feel something is not quite right and you cannot pin point it. But you can engage them in meaningful conversation, which can help you get them to talk about it.

How can you learn more about Customer Service thru Creative Conversations? Well simple really consider if you will a customer that makes a face when you say something or do something. One thing you can say is; You know I think you are great customer and the other day I felt really bad when a customer came in and well it bothered me all day.

Next ask them for advice and say; the customer did this and describe a similar situation although slightly different about another customer that is close to the transaction you just conducted with this customer. Then say they would not tell me what was wrong. What do you think I could do to improve my store so that I can give the best customer service that my patrons deserve and then you simply listen and learn. Thank you very much.

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