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Considering A Posture Back Support?

If you are considering using a posture back support, you should be warned that while you will temporarily feel better, you may actually be making your posture worse... and not just a little bit worse.

Yes, it's true.

A posture back support is designed to support your posture, particularly during a painful crisis situation, not fix it. However, most people seek out this device to fix or correct their bad posture. This is going in the wrong direction. You may be heading down the path that most people do that seek to improve their posture.

The support helps you feel better at first because it is supporting your back at it's current level, even taking most if not all of the pain away. However, if you decide to wear the back support all the time, you will steadily weaken your back muscles, since they aren't being required to work as hard as they used to.

Now your posture back support is providing the support to a weaker back... then weaker... then weaker. It's not long before your back hurts way too much to take off the support, but wearing it is only making things continue to get worse.

Wear a support if your back is in pain and you are currently in a crisis mode. Once the pain subsides, it's time to strengthen your back so that you won't get yourself into that state ever again.

By taking the steps to improve your posture, many back problems won't even show up.

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Source: www.articledashboard.com