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Can You Get a Mobile Phone for Free?

These days almost everyone gets attracted by the word ‘free’. You must have seen that when a product is launched, sometimes it is given away for free or with a free gift so that it can be promoted. Free mobile phones are generally bundled with a new line of services with a network service provider. Almost all free phones are newest and most popular models. People prefer them buying as they don’t need to buy an expensive phone with the latest features when they can get it for free. The network provider would just ask you to commit to a one or two year contract.

Mobile Phone companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, etc. always come up with attractive offers to attract more consumers. They bring free offers like free handsets, free accessories, free line rentals, etc so that you cant resist buying a mobile phone deal. You can easily find what you are looking for in the wide range of deals and offers are available on internet.

The retailers receive a sales commission from the service provider when they sign you up for service. So in many cases, independent retailers can make you an even better deal than a carrier owned store on your mobile phone.

Just keep in mind that just because one mobile phone model costs more than another, that doesn’t mean it will perform any better. So you need to keep in mind several basic things like which type of mobile phone do you need: flip, candy bar or any other shape, what type of service plan are you being required to sign? What features do you really use and will you keep the mobile phone for the length of the contract you sign? And remember that no such thing is completely free, you’ll either pay for the mobile phone when you sign up for the service or later through your monthly service fees.

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