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Call Center Customer Service

When we envision a call center we visualize a big room full of cubicles, desks, and customer service reps (CSRs) answering their telephones with their headsets on. We envision clients and customers calling into a queue and waiting for the next available rep. We think of call center customer service as how fast the CSRs answer the telephone calls – the longer the wait time, the worse the customer service is perceived to be.

But call center customer service goes far beyond that. A call center is a place where a business answers the phone when a client calls. It can be a small business with just one or two employees or a big business with thousands of CSRs manning the phones. It doesn’t matter; a call center isn’t necessarily what we all envision it to be. If you have ever answered the phone at your place of business you have provided customer service at a call center.

Remember that - if you answer the phone, you are providing customer service. That means you need to be accessible to your customers, solve their problems, sell them what they need, and do it in a timely manner. Customer service is not only done by large businesses with an army of service reps, but also by every small business professional, sales person, and business owner.

Every time your business phone rings it is an opportunity to provide exceptional service to a customer. Be courteous, be polite, and your customers will love you for it.

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