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Bad Customer Service Says; We Do Not Need Your Business

The opposite of good customer service is generally no customer service at all and this equates to many customers calling it bad customer service. But really the opposite of good customer service is indifference, that is to say treating the customer like they are not even there. You know some young gal talking to her friends on the phone while she rings you up, oh yah and have a nice day! Sure, I will do that indeed.

Bad customer service is when the business or employee literally goes out of their way to verbalize things. Such as NO, that is our policy, and we will not do business that way? It is basically the same as telling the customer; We do not want or need your business. Or like telling them where to go.

Indeed, it is without debate that bad customer service can ruin a business much faster than it takes to build it and an indifference to your customers only prolongs the inevitable death of your company. If you do not service your customers your competition will and if you send them away that is exactly where they will go next.

You need to train your employees to give good customer service to each and every individual customer and these employees must know that this is the minimum acceptable in your company. If you see your employees as indifferent to your customers or even worse giving them bad customer service you need to send your employees to your competition before they send your customers there. Please consider this in 2006.

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