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Are You Suffering from Customer Service on the Brain

Every customer loves great customer service and nearly every company claims to have great customer service. Unfortunately the customers who have been surveyed generally say that only about 10 to 15% of the companies out there have this so-called great customer service.

So what does this tell us really? It tells us that the rest of the 85 to 95% of the companies out there that tell us they have great service do not have good customer service at all.

Show me a company with great customer service and I will show you a company full of employees from the top CEO all the way down to the janitor who are suffering from customer service on the brain. Are you suffering from customer service on the brain? You should be.

If you are suffering from customer service on the brain perhaps you have seen what this addiction is causing your company. Increased brand recognition, increased quarterly profits and extended word-of-mouth advertising, which goes far and wide.

If you are not suffering from customer service on the brain then this is one virus your company needs to catch and luckily once you catch it; it is contagious. There will never be any substitute for great customer service and it is about time you got that through your thick skull. Consider this in 2006.

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