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Are Back Support Pillows The Answer To Your Back Pain?

Are back support pillows the answer to all of your back problems? Or are back support pillows cleverly disguised as helpful devices while contributing to or making your back problem worse?

If you're seeking out a posture support or device of some kind, you either are dealing with back pain or you think you have bad posture and are trying to do something about it. This may mean that you've already been to your doctor or been living on over-the-counter medications for some time. You've now decided to take notice of other structure issues that may be present.

Taking notice of your posture is a good thing, but you're falling into the same trap that many people do. They don't understand how you get bad posture in the first place, so they don't understand what to do to effectively change it.

Bad posture comes from weak muscles. It may have started out with a bad habit, where you just couldn't remember to "stand up straight" or you just started slouching one day and never quite got out of the habit.

However it started, your muscles eventually got weak and were unable to properly support your posture on their own. So you logically thought that if you "just had some additional posture support" your back problems would be over.

Where you get trapped is that the back support pillows do make your back feel better at first. However, they are slowly allowing your back to stop working and this allows your muscles to get weaker.

Over time, the weak back muscles will make your posture worse. If that happens, no back support pillows will make you feel better.

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