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AN Introduction to AOL UK Broadband

AOL is one of the world’s leading internet service providers. AOL UK broadband internet service is also one of the most used in the UK. Broadband internet offers higher internet speeds, better quality and much more usability. Broadband takes away the hassle of always having to establish a connection because the connection is always established. Broadband is ready to go everyday, all day.

AOL UK broadband offers three different package choices. They are referred to as silver, gold and platinum. The packages all come with a wireless router, but each package also offers different benefits. The silver package is the lowest priced package and offers up to 20 times more speed than a dial connection. The gold package is the mid priced package and offers speed at 40 times faster than dial up. The platinum package is the most expensive, but it offers the ultimate in broadband speed at 160 times faster than dial up. The dial up speed of each package, though, is only guaranteed based upon where a user lives and certain technical issues.

Many broadband providers set a download limit. On a monthly basis a person has a download limit that means they can only be online for a certain amount of time and also limit’s the amount of information a person can download or upload in this time period. AOL UK broadband does not have any download limits.

AOL UK broadband also provides security to help keep a person safe while surfing the web. Broadband internet is far easier to hack into than dial up, so a person needs a provider with good security. AOL offers a firewall, anti-virus email, spam control, pop-up blocker, parental monitoring and a computer checkup program to help keep users and their computers safe while online.

AOL UK broadband works with both ADSL and cable. ADSL is the broadband that is the most widely available in the UK. It runs over the telephone lines. Cable broadband runs through the cable lines. Either one is compatible with AOL broadband gold package. The silver and platinum packages require ADSL.

The package offers through AOL include all the costs associated with getting AOL UK broadband. They do not charge a separate connection fee or charge for the modem or router. It is simple to get started by calling AOL and setting up service over the phone. AOL will send a installation kit that a person can easily install on their own. The installation kit contains everything a person needs, including the start up CD, cables, a router, filters and guide. Within 14 days of signing up a person can be online with their AOL UK broadband service - it is that simple to get connected with AOL today.

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