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Advertising and Visualizing Your Stance on Customer Service and Care

Is your company better than the competition? Do you provide lower prices to the customer? Does your company have much better customer service than that of your competitors? Do you and your employees really care about the customer and want them to know this? Your advertising needs to alert your customer in a way, which they can easily understand that you are better than your competition.

You must advertise in a way, which visualizes your stance on customer service and customer care. When I say a way, which visualizes, I mean that words alone are not enough. After all almost all company advertising no matter where you go says that they have the best customer service and they care about their customers. This is so common that the customers are actually getting tired of it.

How often have you gone to a company, which promises great service and tells you they care about their customers only to find out that the customer service is lousy and they could care less about you and you know it? You see customers are on to this, but if you can show them in a way, which visualizes your customer service or brings about thoughts in the customer's mind of the best services that they have experienced at other companies; then your advertising will be effective.

Advertising should not just tell the customer about great customer service and that your company cares about them; rather you need a way to show them or to trigger positive thoughts in their mind, which they will associate with your brand name. Is this easy to do? It is if you've been doing it for a long time and understand consumer buying behavior and psychology. If you don't perhaps you should seek professional marketing help? Please consider this in 2006.

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