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WELCOME TO Customer Service - Your Best Resources For Customer Service

  • Quality of Customer Service is Most Important
    For those of you who are working in a customer service industry, the quality of that customer service itself is the most important aspect of the job. People respond positively to good customer service. IF you are a business owner then you know how the saying goes, itís easier to keep a customer, as it is to get a new customer. In order to keep your customers and build up some form of clientele that feels loyal to your company. Therefore you must Read More...
  • Bad Customer Service Says; We Do Not Need Your Business
    The opposite of good customer service is generally no customer service at all and this equates to many customers calling it bad customer service. But really the opposite of good customer service is indifference, that is to say treating the customer like they are not even there. You know some young gal talking to her friends on the phone while she rings you up, oh yah and have a nice day! Sure, I will do that indeed. Bad customer service is when Read More...
  • Are You Suffering from Customer Service on the Brain
    Every customer loves great customer service and nearly every company claims to have great customer service. Unfortunately the customers who have been surveyed generally say that only about 10 to 15% of the companies out there have this so-called great customer service. So what does this tell us really? It tells us that the rest of the 85 to 95% of the companies out there that tell us they have great service do not have good customer service at Read More...